"Big City Sharp!"



Suited down in imported Chinese silk,

Steppers sharp with a Fedora sitting on hair blue-ribbon dooed.  

Shiny shoes smooth as glass, Part and parcel of that "Old Gold Class".  

Manicured nails so dandy and handy, Just a little coquetry for whom it may fancy.

Smelling and feeling like a whole lot of treasure. Urbane and elegant, with no assumption, Because the mirror likes this presumption.

And for those that don't know, let this conformation show that... Old Gold, The Coquet!!  

Also known as... Mister Good Stuff!!  

Has packed his Coquetry potion, seconded his emotions and conveyed his accommodations. Talking about that...

8th Annual. New York, New York, Big City Steppin Weekend.


-Wiley Wesson, NY Stepper

©  NY/NJ Step.

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